Brighton The Corner: A Delightful Pun

What’s in a name? For a cafe, it seems to matter a lot as it becomes their identity and a chance to highlight their creativity before anyone even so much as glimpses at their menu. The next place I visited was once again in the up and coming suburb of Petersham, close enough to most suburbs to be a viable brunch option, but far enough from Surry Hills and its cafe crazy visitors so that there was little to no wait for a table (this is starting to change though, starting with Pig and Pastry).

This man went to…

Brighton The Corner

So the name. First of all, it’s actually on located on the corner of Brighton St and Palace St and then there’s of course the phrase “bright on the corner” which brings to mind a shining beacon of hope. So pun. Much wow.

Brighton The Corner Menu

Brighton The Corner Menu

Menu presented on a clipboard? Check. This is one of the few times when there have been so many unfamiliar words on a menu for me. William Blue Dining always manages to stump me but it’s rare for a cafe to be filled with so many words containing three or more syllables. MorcillaButiffaraMoghrabieh? I ordered the beef brisket though I have no idea what a mojo verde is. Green mojo? I’m too lazy to Google it.

Braised brisket, potato hash, mojo verde, poached egg & onion rings

Braised brisket, potato hash, mojo verde, poached egg & onion rings

I’m guessing that the green stuff in the bowl was mojo verde. Though it didn’t require it, the onion rings on top formed a sort of halo on the dish, belying it’s meaty and carby nature. There’s really not much else I can say about this dish as you can actually imagine what it tasted like if you’ve ever eaten the components individually. The potato hash is soft yet crunchy, the beef brisket gets stuck in your teeth if you take large bites, the poached eggs ooze everywhere if you cut it, and you always end up pulling out the onion inside the onion ring, leaving the hollow exterior behind like a snake shedding its skin. As for the mojo, I don’t remember. 8/10 as a base score and 7/10 if $17 for a dish sounds a bit too much.

And as usual, after brunch we went and got Portuguese tarts 😉

Portuguese tarts

Portuguese tarts

Brighton The Corner punned these metrics:

Local Talent: 5/5. During the meal I saw the guy who had been serving us sit down with a young female and I instantly got a ‘job interview/availability’ vibe. Sure enough, I peeked at his little notepad and saw that he had written the word ‘Sunday’ on it.

Suburban Eatery: 5/5. Not often you find a cafe surrounded by houses and leafy streets. As a result, parking is a piece of cake.

Good Enough For Rich Girl(s): 5/5. Also while looking out the window I saw a black Maserati pass by and noted a fairly pretty Asian girl sitting in the passenger seat. Not too long after I saw the same girl come into the cafe followed by two of her friends (also Asian and also just as young). So I guess if you’ve got a rich boyfriend or husband and nothing to do on a Wednesday day, you call up two girlfriends and visit cafes. Also I checked out the Maserati afterwards and it needed a good wash and the rims were dusty and scratched to hell. This would suggest to me that she didn’t buy it.

Date of visit: 7 May 14. Time of visit: 1pm.
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